August 2010 Opening Workshop

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I've started with ideas raised in committee meetings. Add your comments and new ideas. This page is for dialogue!

0. Format and purpose of the workshop:
  • SC suggested FDC have a theme for the whole year and focus the three main meetings of the school year to follow up the focus.
  • An afternoon Q & A session could be designed with the main speaker
  • the workshop reflects administrators as well as faculty
  • How do we start the dialogue and conversation?
  • there is need to address and integrate nontraditional programs in the focus as the majority of our student body comes from adult programs
  • have outside speakers for each semester
  • consider a faculty/administrator “in service” day for facutly development
  • General consensus was that the Fall opening workshop (morning?) begin with an inspirational event
  • I think we should consider the idea raised by David Diehl of having a day with the theme of "sabbath." We could have an inspirational beginning and some themed events: periods of prayer held in specific places, some live music played--something like Paul Christianson playing meditative, soothing music, perhaps a workshop or two on integrating sabbath into our work, etc. Steve

Here is another speaker idea (posted by David Diehl):

vdel@calvin.eduVan Andel, Glen
Professor of Health, Physical Education, Recreation, Dance and Sport

  • When I Relax I Feel Guilty—the hectic pace of an active lifestyle often results in the worship of our work, working at our play, and playing at our worship.

  • Vacations with a Vision: What Christians Should Know—vacations need to be viewed like the Old Testament sabbath, a period of time when we restore our relationship with God, others, and His creation.
  • I think this could be very relevant to our campus. This would tie in with discussion on sabbath as well. - Prilla

1. William Willamon:
  • theme and discussion could be “general education and the search for meaning” if Dr. Willimon feels he can speak to this topic. Afternoon could be a Q & A session with him.
  • The theme [assuming it’s the general education suggestion above) does impact administrators.
  • Broaden this out to a liberal arts concept; integration of a whole liberal arts university; (may help bring balance)
  • This could be a good umbrella and perhaps provide break out forums
  • Would like to have small groups based on broad area of service
  • Dr. Willamon is unavailable for 2010, we agreed to invite him for 2011 Opening Workshop

2. Rchard Foster (author):
  • discussion on Sabbath

3. Ron Benefiel (President, Nazarene Theological Seminary):
  • The Trinity as a model for Christian love and community (See word images: Young, W. The Shack)
  • I like this idea a lot, though I'm unfamiliar with The Shack. (If it's Christian genre fiction, as I suspect, I may preemptively dislike it for aesthetic reasons.) -posted by Graham
  • Graham, I could loan you a copy of The Shack (although I suspect you've already set your holiday reading list), Mike
  • I really like this idea as well, though I am not a real fan of the book. Perhaps some images of the inter-working of the Trinitarian life could guide us or some workshops on working Trinitarian thinking into our classes and campus life would be good. I have had some interest from our students on this subject as well. Steve
  • I'm taking a risk here but Ihave little knowledge of what "Trinitarian thinking" is. I know "The Trinity" of course but have not heard of this as a 'thinking concept'. Without much knowledge it seems to me to have a theological focus and I'm not sure how that will capture the attention of all our faculty. Questions that come to mind: is it relational to all disciplines and would it be perceived so by faculty and how much "setting the stage" would need to be done in order for the workshop to applicable? - Prilla

4. Dan Boone:
  • who/what is Trevecca (identity and purpose)

5. Steve McCormick: (Nazarene Theological Seminary professor)
  • Wesleyan Heritage and Trevecca identity
  • Henry Spaulding would be good for this, as well, though it may be hard to get him at that time. He may be available later in the year if decide to follow the theme through the year. Steve
6. Stan Toler:
  • theme could be “Christian leadership” or “servant leadership"
  • We could explore what this part of our mission statement means, how we model servant leadership and/or how we can encourage our students to mature in servant leadership.
  • Henri Nouwen wrote a thought-provoking book on Christian leadership entitled “In the Name of Jesus.” The ideas outlined in this book could potentially be used to generate conversation.
  • I like this, too. It seems like the right mix of theory, practice, and inspiration. -posted by Graham
  • I like this as well and seems to support initiatives on campus. I think it would be very applicable across disciplines and motivitional as well. - Prilla